Iola M Barlow, former headmistress

Posted by Derek Barlow Derek Barlow
I have been researching my family history and on a Google search discovered that an ancestor, Iola M Barlow was appointed headmistress at Hadleigh Hall School in the 50’s and was there until the early 60’s.

She was born in 1915 in Bangor, North Wales where her Father, born in Staffordshire was Principal of St Mary’s College, Bangor and later became a Rector in East Bergholt and eventually they lived at Hadleigh Hall.  I know that Iola was teaching in Stafford at a Kindergarten school in 1939.  

In 1966 an Iola Barlow wrote a book  ‘Dolls in National Costume’ published by B T Batsford.   I have purchased this book in the hope that it would tell me something about the author, but alas it doesn’t, other than she was a needlework teacher.  Would anyone know whether she wrote this book?

I've been in touch with Gavin and he didn't know anything about the family as it was before his time there, but he has suggested that I add this post.  I would be grateful if anyone could provide me with any further information about Iola or her father Charles Barlow.

Many thanks

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Re: Iola M Barlow, former headmistress

Hi Derek,

Thanks for posting the message here.  I hope someone sees it and responds, perhaps with some further information that might be helpful for you.

Good luck and best wishes,